The Physical Benefits of Having a Pool

If you have any age or accident related pain, you understand how crucial pain management can be. Pain is not only felt physically, but emotionally, as it adds stress and worrying to your body. Aquatic physical therapy has been known to drastically help many different kinds of body pains. It provides a great cardio workout without the intense impact of a typical workout routine. If you experience any pain, having a pool built into your backyard may be a great investment. It will provide a safer and more comfortable workout in the privacy of your own home.

Aquatic exercise has proven to be especially beneficial with arthritis, joint and knee pain, and even Parkinson’s disease. When your body is in water, the amount of weight bearing on your joints, bones, and muscles is reduced. This means that you are able to exercise with less stress being put on your body. The viscosity of water provides great resistance, which allows muscle strengthening. It gives the same effect as using weights, but without the harsh impact. A full body toning workout can be accomplished without even leaving the pool.

The hydrostatic pressure that your body experiences in a pool, helps reduce joint and soft tissue swelling. This can be beneficial for many young people who have experienced an injury. Also, the warmth of the pool water is helpful by increasing your blood flow, helping to aid injured areas of the body. A large number of patients who suffer from muscle spasm, back pain, or fibromyalgia have found that swimming or even just floating in a pool can be a great relief for their pain. If you experience these kinds of pain, a pool is not only good for workouts, but a fun and easy way to take stress off of your injuries.

Parkinson’s disease is classified as the deterioration of the the nervous system. This effects how the body moves, and is accompanied by uncontrollable shaking, muscle tension, and difficulty performing movements. There is no cure for this disease, and can only partially be helped through medication. However, aquatic therapy has given amazing results with Parkinson’s patients. In water, the painful and bothersome side effects of this disease can diminish. The body is able to move freely and effortlessly. The turbulence in water can even improve balance and coordination, improving the way your body moves when you are out of the water, carrying out daily tasks.

A pool can be so much more than just a fun and relaxing pastime. Aquatic therapy has been proven to help so many different forms of injury and pain. Whether you are elderly, or an athlete who has been injured, having a pool built in your backyard comes with a tremendous amount of benefits. If you are interested in the idea of having a pool put it, contact Streamline Construction. You can reach us at 800-965-9728 and schedule a free consultation. For more information about our company, be sure to visit our Instagram and houzz. We look forward to working with you.