The Latest Renovation Trends

As time goes on, we see trends come and go in every area from fashion to entertainment to hairstyles. Remodels are no different. Surely, a home that was remodeled in the 90’s is sure to be stale and outdated by now. It is important to change the look of your home so that it better suits you and maintains a strong resale value. Take a look at some of the current construction trends that have become a high demand.

Bright and colorful paint is being seen more and more in remodels. This allows you to play with color that you typically wouldn’t gravitate towards. Using a bright paint color will give your home a fresh and exciting feel, allowing you to set a very new and trendy vibe.

Another renovation trend is granite and quartz marble tops. Contractors agree that these materials are absolutely worth the high price tag that they come with. It is both durable and stylish. It creates a very timeless look, meaning that it will work with your home’s look for many years to come.

Kitchen islands have become extremely popular over the years. This is because the whole family tends to have busy schedules. It is easier to grab a seat at the island for a quick meal rather than laying out a whole dinner setting at your dining room table. Because of this, you may want to install an island or even expand yours if you already have one. This will provide plenty of room for seating, but it can also provide extra cabinet space. It is also a popular spot to install a wine fridge for easy convenience while you are hosting.

White is a very popular color for kitchens and bathrooms. This gives you a very clean and elegant look. Installing white flooring, countertops, and custom cabinets are a great way to achieve this look. Working with a mostly white canvas is also great for adding splashes of color to give a room some depth. This can be done with a stylish backsplash.

To conclude, a big construction trend at the moment is actually remodels themselves. More people are opting to update their current home rather than moving to a new home. With current appliances and room additions, there is really no reason to move for a more modern or bigger home anymore. Though remodels are big commitments and very time consuming, they are still less intimidating than moving. Investing in a remodel really is a great alternative.

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