Streamline Construction is Being Featured on Houzz TV

Streamline Construction is excited to announce that Houzz has decided to feature our “modern farmhouse” remodel, located in eastside Costa Mesa. A couple of weeks back, a filming crew met up with the owner of Streamline Construction, as well as the architect who worked on this project and the two homeowners. Filming took place over the course of two days. During this time we were able to showcase this project and give some insight into the entire remodeling process. 

Our first day of shooting consisted of conducting several interviews throughout the day. Various Streamline Construction crew members dropped by, watching their hard work pay off. The homeowners of our Costa Mesa project as well as the project’s architect and owner of Streamline Construction came together with a Houzz filming crew. Below you can see our owner Jason during his interview segment. 

The next day focused more on the use and enjoyment that the homeowners, Eric and Olga Dean, are getting out of their newly remodeled home. The entire Dean family came over for a family gathering. The Houzz crew filmed while the Dean’s hosted a beautiful backyard barbecue, showing what great memories can be made in a newly remodeled backyard area. We also took a detour to one of Jason’s current job sites to take a look at some of the earlier stages of a remodeling job. This helps clients get a better idea of what they are in for when they have decided to remodel their home. 

Here you can see Jason accompanied by the project’s architecture Denis La Roche and Houzz producer Theresa Wells. They gathered in Olga and Eric’s backyard to embrace the beauty of the landscaping and outdoor living area. Olga and Eric have expressed that this area is one of the most beloved parts of their home. 

We had an amazing experience working with the devoted Houzz crew that we met with. We would like to thank Houzz along with all of our loyal customers who have built our five star reputation over the years. We would also like to issue a very special thank you to our hardworking crew who continues to produce exceptional results. Streamline Construction is so proud of all that we have been able to accomplish over the last twenty years. We look forward to continuing this work and bringing joy to many more customers. 

If you are in need of a residential or commercial remodel, call us at 800-965-9728 or send an email to We will schedule a consultation with our owner to give you time to go over your ideas as well as answer any questions that you may have. If you would like to see examples of our work or read reviews written by our previous clients, visit us on Instagram and Houzz. You can also visit our Streamline Construction website to find more information about our company and the services that we provide. Be sure to keep an eye out for us on Houzz TV