Recent Streamline Construction Kitchen Remodels

Though we offer many services, Streamline Construction particularly specializes in Orange County kitchen remodels, as well as bathroom remodels. Kitchen remodels are so popular among homeowners because of their ability to completely transform your home by renovating this one room. They also make everyday chores such as cooking and washing dishes more efficient by installing new appliances. Because these remodels are so popular, Streamline Construction is usually working on at least one kitchen at all times. Today we will take a look at some of our most recent Orange County kitchen remodels.

First up is a kitchen remodel that was completed in Costa Mesa. Notice how the use of white cabinets along with white countertops gives a clean and fresh look. You may also notice that it makes the space feel a lot more open as the sunlight radiates off of the light color palette. This is an extremely important part of remodels. No matter how big the space already is, you want it to look as big and as open as it possibly can. This gives a much more appealing aesthetic. Custom cabinets have also been installed to add a stylish flair to all storage compartments. As you can see, when it comes to cabinets, the simpler the better. Focus more on the style and build of your custom cabinets rather than a complex color palette or handle.

Up next is a remodel that focuses on transitional elegance in all shades of gray. Much like the one above, this remodel mainly consists of the color white for that clean, neat look. However, playing with some elements of gray, adding some color contrast, really gave this kitchen some dimension. The island cabinets along with the kitchen backsplash have been made gray. Notice that the owner also added small amounts of gray decor around the kitchen. This ties everything together without going overboard. Too much of a bright color can look loud and chaotic, while too much of a more dull color such as gray will make a room look lackluster and dreary. This kitchen demonstrates the perfect balance with only hints of gray to add a sophisticated contrast.

Lastly, we have a remodel that is quite different from the first two. As you can see, this kitchen is based around more earth tones. The custom cabinets have been stained to a maple shade, while a quartz, rather than a marble countertop has been installed. This just goes to show that there is not one specific guideline you need to follow in order to get that chic look.

If you are interested in an Orange County kitchen remodel, contact Streamline Construction at 800-965-9728 to schedule a consultation. During your consultation our owner will meet with you to discuss pricing, project ideas, and answer any questions that you may have. If you would like to keep up with our construction projects be sure to visit us on Instagram. You can also read our five star reviews from past employers on houzz. For more information about our company and the services that we provide, go to our Streamline Construction website. We hope that you keep us in mind for any of your future construction needs and we look forward to working with you.