How to Create a Theme For Your Home

Picking a theme for your home can be very challenging. Creating and enforcing that theme can be even harder. When designing your home, you want to make sure all components of your home’s theme can flow and work together. However, you may be thinking to yourself, “How do I even create a theme.” Here, we will give you simple guidelines that may help when you are constructing your theme.

Color is a major part of any theme. This will set the tone for the entire house. Bright fun colors set a unique and artistic vibe, while darker colors portray a more calming and vampy feel. Many people like to use something neutral and soft. You can play with color in your home using paint jobs, as well as small accent pieces such as vases or rugs. Even artwork adds a beautiful touch. This is a very simple and elegant way to make sure that everything ties together.

The materials that you choose around your home also play in to establishing your theme. Going with mostly wood material is great for a cozy, country theme. Tile and marble or granite countertops will contribute to a more modern, urban feel.

When you are crafting your theme, be sure to utilize custom options whenever you can. Custom cabinets, for example, are a great investment. This ensures that you get the exact look that you want. They can be a very fun and hands on way of getting involved in your project. Matching custom doors for closets and rooms can also be made, ensuring that everything matches perfectly. This will give you that even flow that we mentioned earlier.

Playing around with lighting will greatly impact your theme. Through a combination of both artificial and natural light, you can create a strong vibe throughout your household. Wall sconces and chandeliers are perfect for artificial light. They can give any room a ton more style and flair. This just adds another element that can be tied into your theme based on colors and materials. These can also illuminate a soft, soothing light or a bright, energetic light. If you would like to take advantage of natural lighting, large, oversized windows will allow sunshine to pour into your home. This will give off a very cheery look. If you opt for this kind of lighting, try decorating with as many glass pieces as you can. This will reflect light and male the room even more sunny.

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