Creating a Relaxing Bathroom Space

The holiday season is quickly approaching and although it might look a little different this year, the stress of the season still lingers. There are many ways we can unwind; going for a long walk, reading a good book or taking a long hot shower or bath.

In the season of self-care we want to share a few tips on how to create the most relaxing bathroom space.

The first and probably most important tip when creating a relaxing bathroom is to make sure your space has calming colors. It is very hard to relax in a bubble bath when the walls are bright purple or red. Sticking to more cool and neutral tones will relax the mind and make it easier to unwind. A light grey, cream or soft white is best.

Next you want to make sure your space is free from clutter. It is hard to unwind when there are shampoo bottles and body scrubs on the edge of your tub. Storage is your best friend. Clear your space off and set some of those bottles aside or put them in a nice decorative basket next to you on a shelf or counter space. If neither of these are an option, you can add a side table or shelves next to the tub or on an empty wall to add more storage space.

Our last and favorite tip is all about the smells. When relaxing you want to engage all your senses and smell is one of the most important. Maybe you diffuse some essential oils in the bathroom or light a candle. Lavender is said to be one of the most calming scents and can reduce the feeling of anxiety. Our brain can also associate smells with memories or feelings. Use scents that remind you of a happy time or you can associate with feeling relaxed.

These are just a few tips we have for creating a relaxing and calming oasis in your bathroom. Of course, there are many other ways to de-stress and everyone is different.

Do not let the stress or anxiety of the holiday season overwhelm you. Remember to take care of yourself, take a long hot bath in a clutter free room and choose scents that will settle your mind.

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