A look at Our Trabuco Farmhouse Project


Did you know that a farmhouse in New York was originally built in 1784 and has now been turned into a museum?

Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer farmhouses around, yet their charming and vintage style allows people to feel inspired within their own homes. From the kitchen and bathroom to the living room, there’s much we can learn from farmhouses. No matter where you live, a farmhouse aesthetic can be just the injection of life you’re looking for.

Are you in need of some inspiration? Keep reading to take an in-depth look at our Trabuco farmhouse project.

The KitchenTrabuco Farmhouse Kitchen

If you’re looking for custom kitchens in Orange County, then you’ll love what we’ve done with the Trabuco farmhouse. We’ve included a big and open kitchen island that can double as a dinner table and has enough chairs to accommodate all of your special guests.


The lighting has a rustic chic to it that adds to the overall atmosphere. The wood vent above the stove is a modern callback to vintage farmhouses and complements the tile backsplash.

To elevate your kitchen space even more, don’t forget to order custom cabinets in Orange County. That way, you can stay organized and maintain a truly cozy home atmosphere.

The Bathroom

Trabuco Farmhouse BathroomStepping into the bathroom at the Trabuco farmhouse project, you’re likely to notice the claw-footed tub first. This puts a modern spin on a vintage way of washing up. Since it’s enclosed by glass and a tiling floor barrier, you can also take a shower without any worries.

Don’t forget that the sink’s marble top is complemented by vintage knobs, wooden cabinets, and bare bulbs. A reliable Orange County general contractor would love to give your bathroom a similar treatment if that’s what you’re looking for.

The Living Room

The living room features exposed ceiling beams that are painted black, blending in while also making the white ceiling pop that much more.Trabuco Farmhouse Living Room

A range of bare bulbs ensures that the lighting is pristine no matter the time of day. It is backed by open windows that let in as much natural light as possible while also giving people a gorgeous view of the surrounding flora and fauna.

The overlapping of two kinds of rugs creates a clash that evokes a coziness one often feels when bundled up by a nice fire.

Are You Inspired by Our Trabuco Farmhouse Project?

Now that you’ve learned all about our Trabuco farmhouse project, you can follow your remodeling inspiration wherever it takes you. You’re sure to get plenty of compliments from loved ones and house guests.

If you want to make investments in your home that pay off, look no further than our Orange County remodeling and construction solutions. Our clients know that they can rely on our expertise and attention to detail.

Feel free to contact us with questions about how we can turn your vision into a wonderful reality. We look forward to working with you.